Our History

In August 1986, NALS (formerly, the National Association of Legal Secretaries) chartered a local chapter in Philadelphia called the Philadelphia Legal Secretaries Association (PLSA).  PLSA’s primary mission was the continuing legal education of its members and others in the legal support industry.  From its inception, PLSA continuously offered cutting edge legal education, professional development, study groups for the NALS certification examinations, and community activity opportunities throughout the City of Philadelphia.

In recent years, the titles and duties of those working in the legal support industry experienced unprecedented changes, and many members found it problematic to continue membership in an association whose title included the word “secretaries.”  Responding to members’ suggestions, during the 2012-13 fiscal year, PLSA’s Board of Directors directed the Name Change Committee to poll the membership in connection with changing the chapter name.   A majority of the members polled were in favor of changing the name, and the majority requested the name, NALS of Philadelphia.  On February 20, 2013, at a regularly-schedule membership educational meeting, a Motion was officially presented to the membership and unanimously passed changing the name of PLSA to NALS of Philadelphia, beginning May 1, 2013.

Who Are We?

NALS of Philadelphia is a nonsectarian, nonpartisan, nonprofit, and nonunion organization of legal secretaries, paralegals, and others in the legal support industry.  We are a local chapter in a tri-level association and are affiliated with NALS . . . the association for legal professionals (www.NALS.org).  Membership is open to all staff employed in a law office, the courts, the trust department of a bank or trust company, or any public or private institution or office directly engaged in work of a law-related nature, including any governmental agency.

As is NALS, NALS of Philadelphia is “dedicated to enhancing the competencies and contributions of members in the legal services profession.”  Our goals are to further the knowledge and to enhance the ethical standards and professional attainment of our members, to conduct programs for continuing legal education for members and others in the legal field, and to promote fellowship and cooperation among members and with the legal community.

What We Offer

We offer legal education and professional development through programs and seminars sponsored by NALS of Philadelphia, NALS of Pennsylvania, and NALS, as well as the opportunity to network with other legal professionals at all members levels.  Membership includes subscriptions to local, state, and national publications containing timely legal articles, columns containing practical information to enhance members’ skills and keep them abreast of changes in the legal profession, membership news, and news on upcoming educational events.  Local members also receive the discounts available through NALS Affinity programs.

The Professionals

Those who join our association are career-minded professionals who (i) are willing to expend their own time and energy to learn and expand their knowledge concerning the law, (ii) actively endorse the legal profession, (iii) seek opportunities for professional growth, and (iv) want to develop leadership skills.